AUT 360°

Interactive Virtual Tour

Virtual reality has been touted as the next major technology - teenagers and young adults are eager to try it. Because of its immersive nature, virtual reality helps prospective students connect with AUT University. The technology empowers students to virtually visit the university campus and come to study at AUT in Auckland, New Zealand.

Experience design is key. We have seen a lot of Virtual Reality and 360° videos in the past that don’t keep users engaged in the experience longer than one or two minutes. With AUT 360°, we bring back the storyteller as a in the form of a floating robot named AUTBot, that has the power to take you to different locations around the university.

AUT 360° is designed for Mobile VR, we combine digital elements to enhance the stereo resolution with 360° video as the background.

Our production design team explored various concepts before the AUTBOT reached its final form. We wanted to keep the 3D model “light” for smartphone devices to handle the interactive robot.

In VR it is very important to engage the user for a set period of time. Our robot created an emotional connection with our audience through his quirky personality and charm. We kept him compact and were able to really emphasize his characteristics by using his antenna as little hands.

360° video can often be limiting into what content creators can produce. For this reason, we created holographic portals and digital platforms to help us take audiences from one location to another.

We were able to find the balance between delivering a playful experience and delivering key information to potential students. AUTBot's mission was to give the user a ride they won't forget and he definitely succeeded in that.

AUT 360° is currently being toured internationally at various school fairs and brings a fresh perspective into exploring the university campus.

Using VR to reach and engage prospective students.


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