Buzzy Bee at Theta!

Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt

We created an app for the international event THETA 2017 (The Higher Education Technology Agenda). The event was held at Aotea Centre in Auckland in May 2017. The AR activation consisted on placing a series of AR-ready posters around Aotea Centre to encourage visitors to move around the venue.

The Buzzy Bee is New Zealand’s most recognized Kiwiana characters. The Buzzy Bee became the tour guide for the event as well as provide educational information about New Zealand.

Each of the AR markers had a different theme to teach the international guests. Some would have the Buzzy Bee talk about activities in Auckland and other AR markers would teach a few words in Te Reo Māori.

Our team designed different AR backgrounds to provide Buzzy Bee with visual aids when referring to different species of NZ birds and the history of New Zealand.

The Augmented Reality Buzzy Bee character would talk directly to the player using the app. Our team programmed an automated lip-sync feature into the character, so that the voice recording would match the mouth shapes that phonetically represented each consonant.

Our team also programmed a score tracking system into the app, which meant that the player had to collect all 9 markers hidden throughout the venue in order to complete the game. For game design it is very important to reward the audience for unlocking information, in turn motivating them to keep playing the game.

To learn more about how to plan an app in Augmented Reality, check out our overview on Designing Apps for AR here.

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