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Conical thrives on collaboration. As a tech driven studio we enjoy working on the production of interactive content and providing technical solutions for agencies and creatives alike. One of our partner agencies, Energi, the Shopper Marketing specialists, came up with the innovative idea of creating an augmented reality magazine cover.

Our team at Conical worked on production of the app, the game development, 3D modelling, and animation as well as the augmented reality component which featured on the FMCG Business magazine cover for August 2017.


Our aim was to seamlessly blend the photo-realistic 3D animation of a steampunk engine - all computer generated - with the magazine.

“AR is a technology that has been around for a while, but is just now starting to enter everyday life, and it is certainly something you can expect to see become mainstream” - FMCG Magazine, August 2017.


The user downloads the app, scans the magazine (which works perfectly as an AR marker), and a steampunk machine emerges with smoke and exploding particles from the cover.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of game development for us at Conical is to create dynamic particles and effects that really help to breathe life into the project. When you download the Energi app,pay close attention to all the small details going on in the steampunk engine. The bulb lights up at different times, small cogs twist and turn inside, and sparks of lightning shoot out from the generator. Check out the realistic smoke coming out from the bottom and notice how it helps blend the 3D model with the magazine’s cover design.

Augmented Reality is only a delivery method for computer generated content. That’s why our focus lies primarily in CGI content production and using AR as a way to present our work.

You can download the Energi app to learn more about shopper marketing strategies and campaigns by visiting Energi’s website. The app available for download Google Play and the Appstore.

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