Parents tell us that after their kids engage with “The Green Fairy” and listen to her story, they are convinced that fairies inhabit the traffic lights and even wave hello to her on their way to school. Our vision has been to capture people’s imagination, creating a modern day fairy tale that brings magic to our daily lives. The story-world revolves around the adventures of two little fairies, Green and Red, who secretly live inside a traffic light.


The fairy species naturally glow at night, and after being driven away from the forest they need to find a place to remain unseen from the lurking Fairy Catchers who hunt them for their magic. With their natural glow, Red and Green work together to operate the old traffic light right by the park. Together they teach children about decision making.


The Green Fairy is all GO! But she always gets into trouble. The Red Fairy is all STOP! She’s considerate and always leans towards the safest option. It’s not until they collaborate that they end up solving problems in their adventures.


An interactive series running as an Augmented Reality app. Season 1 will be available in 2018 as downloadable episodes that can be played back from different angles.

The Red Fairy knows when to stop. She often hesitates when making decisions and always leans towards the safest option. Unlike Green, she tries to avoid getting into dangerous situations.

She loves technology and likes to learn how things work. She is smart, patient, and calm, but when upset or impatient, she finds it very hard to control her emotions.

Learn to control your inner traffic light with the Green Fairy adventures.



Some of us grow up taking too many risks. We have the courage to take action, but we lack the discipline and patience to harvest results.



When we were kids, everything seemed possible! But some of us have grown too fearful of taking risks and tend to play it safe all the time.



The Green Fairy, with her courageous and risk-taking measures has a real problem with staying out of trouble.

Her optimistic view on various challenges makes her a strong, positive leader able to withstand the many dangers that come her way. She is very cheeky and easily distracted. Her charming, warm, and positive attitude brightens up everyone’s lives.

The AR Series will be complimented by an Augmented Reality picture book and a Virtual Reality Movie, both expected to be launched early 2018.

Our Virtual Reality film as well as an Augmented Reality book are based on this video’s origin story of how the Green Fairy came to live at the traffic lights.

Trying to fit in.

The Green Fairy is a universal story about finding your place in the world. Because she’s green and different from everyone else, she has a hard time fitting in.


Play patterns seen in children under five usually consists of solo play. They play with other kids, but within their own world and within their own mind.


At around six years old, children reach the social chasm of the tribal sharer where they’re not so worried about what they are and what they stand for, but become more concerned about how they fit into society as a whole. They’re not trying to understand “who I am”: they’re trying to understand "how I fit in," although we never really grow out of these stages.

The Green Fairy is a universal story about finding your place in the world. Because she’s green and different from everyone else, she has a hard time fitting in.

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The Green Fairy became world famous in New Zealand, known as New Zealand’s first Virtual Reality movie. The team at Conical cracked the right technique for immersive storytelling which has led to a ripple effect across the country.

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Have you ever wondered why the traffic lights glow?

The Green Fairy

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