L&P : Chilli and Lime

Interactive 360° Game

In October 2016, L&P released a new Limited Edition drink with Chilli and Lime. The team at Conical led by our partner agency Ikon, created an interactive game for mobile phones and desktop PCs. The game consisted in finding the hidden ingredients to create the new flavour and entering the draw for a massive L&P Chilli and Lime prize pack.


Lemon & Paeroa, also known as L&P, is a sweet soft drink manufactured in New Zealand. Created in 1907, it was traditionally made by combining lemon juice with carbonated mineral water from the town of Paeroa. Lemon & Paeroa is widely available in New Zealand.

To play the game, the user swipes the screen on their mobile phones to collect the hidden chillies and limes.

We were faced with the challenge of designing an environment with a 360° canvas, at first it was difficult to pin down what the area of interest would be. Instead we used this as a feature for gamification, making it more challenging for the player to find the hidden chillies and limes.

Our brief was to create the game world version of the town of Paeroa, which is where L&P originally comes from. Because of the Chilli and Lime “invasion”, we designed Mexican themed elements that would fit in that environment with a stylized approach.

When the user found a chilli, it made the giant L&P bottle hotter and likewise when they found a lime, making it colder. If they found too many limes, the soda bottle would freeze.

The aim was for the user to keep the right temperature of the drink, reflecting the premise of what “Chilli & Lime” represented: Hot but not that hot.

Even though the environment was designed to be rendered in a stylized way, we still had to accurately match the perspective of the environment so that the digital objects would fall into place. We recreated the layout of Paeroa for any objects that would be close to the user’s perspective. For anything further in the background we were able to create a matte painting, blending in the physical location with our game world.

We randomized the placement of the chillies and limes in the environment, appearing in different locations every time the player would log back in. At the end, the player was presented with a form to enter their details and claim their prize.

It's like getting kicked by a baby donkey!


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