Adventures of Maui

Cultural Storytelling in

Virtual Reality

Storytelling is evolving. Join young Maui in his adventures around Aotearoa in Virtual Reality. Our first adventure begins when Maui escapes from his brothers rowing into the horizon. Children get to experience what it was like to fish out the North Island as the giant stingray “Te Ika-a-Māui”. A spectacular feast that captures our imagination, bringing audiences closer to cultural stories in ways we haven’t been able to experience in the past.

Without good design there is no appeal to enjoy a visual feast. The team at Conical worked closely with the actor Jharaiz Kiriona, who consulted with his family and various Māori artists for reference and accuracy in staying true to Māori culture.

Young Maui uses the fundamentals of storytelling to engage us emotionally with the experience, the technology is secondary.


Maui is an important icon and legend in New Zealand and we wanted to be careful in how we portrayed him. We wanted Young Maui to appeal to kids aged 6, 7 and 8; keeping our look and feel within the scope of international characters who kids recognize in their daily media intake.

Using Motion Capture, the team at Conical was able to extract the true essence of the performance to better engage with the audience.

One key factor when producing The Adventures of Maui was to make the VR user feel acknowledged by Maui in the story. If our audiences don’t have a reason to be in the waka with him, they will feel disengaged and won’t invest in Maui’s personal journey.

At Conical, we believe that VR and AR are the icing on the cake. Motion Capture is what really makes a compelling performance translate well into these platforms, making it the backbone of our productions.

Young Maui is currently available as a 4 minute long VR trailer upon request. Its final version will be released in 2018

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