Noel Leeming

360° Health and Safety Training

Noel Leeming is the leader in providing New Zealanders with the latest technology. With their innovative approach, Noel Leeming requested our team to produce a virtual reality training programme for their staff. For them it was important to use gamification to increase the level of engagement with a focus on the Health & Safety procedures at their production warehouses.

Our approach was to create an interactive experience with multiple options that would allow the staff member to “play a game” of what could go wrong in different situations.

The user was immersed into hazardous scenarios without any distractions, because their full attention was in the virtual environment.

When users put on a VR headset they need to feel comfortable in the strange environment they find themselves. We introduce them to a character Noel, who is having challenges performing jobs in the warehouse. By giving the user agency, they are able to help Noel through these scenarios whilst educating themselves along the way. The experience needs to be carefully designed so the user feels motivated and invested in moving the game forward.

We might be in the early days of VR, but we can already get a taste of how immersive technologies will change the way we deliver our training programs.

Virtual Reality has already been used overseas in various training industries including medicine, engineering, architecture, and construction. These industries have gone from the fundamental reading manuals to training videos and now into VR, which has the ability to immediately immerse users into the training environment.

Accessibility is key to producing interactive content. Our focus lies primarily in creating the virtual environments that can be exported into Desktop form as well as mobile access.

We build custom made platforms that can be updated with different modules, creating a library of scenarios that keep users coming back for more. That way the user can experience the scenarios first hand instead of watching a video or reading an old manual.

The Future of Corporate Training.


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