AR (Augmented Reality) superimposes computer generated objects and 3D characters into physical environments in real time. This means that consumers can now engage with your product or service through a custom branded app, encouraging them to interact with your products through gamification.

AR Educational Apps

AR is a great tool for educational content. At Conical we love to create AR characters that can create a bond with the user, by maintaining an active role in the experience. Learn more about our educational Buzzy Bee AR project HERE.

AR Brochures

Use gamification to engage your audiences with your brand by letting them have some fun! Games oftentimes bring brand awareness by getting people talking. Allow users to swipe, tap and take photos of their brand experience. Learn more about designing apps for AR HERE.

AR Interactive Games

Use Augmented Reality to produce interactive brochures, business cards, signage, menus, colouring books and conference programs. Allow your customers to view your products from any angle before purchase. Learn more about the AR magazine cover we produced with Energi HERE.

Virtual Reality has finally arrived and is here to stay. We are at the dawn of the 2020s where immersive wearable technologies will become the next generation of entertainment and training. At Conical, we offer production services of interactive and photo-realistic VR Games as well as Immersive Storytelling Experiences for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Use Virtual Reality to immerse audiences into a fun and engaging game, interactive film or training programme that will get your audience coming back for more.

Storytelling helps engage audiences emotionally with your brand or service. The team at Conical Studios has developed a language of storytelling for VR that we apply to all of our projects. Learn more about how we design story-driven experiences for VR HERE.

VR Immersive Storytelling

Virtual Reality is a great way to put workers in an environment to learn first hand about health and safety risks in a given situation. We package this into an app that can be reused through their own mobile phones as well as PC. Learn more about our Noel Leeming Health & Safety training VR experience HERE.

VR Health & Safety

VR Interactive Tours

Take your audiences through an immersive experience visiting different locations without having to move away from their seats.At Conical, we create virtual tours and digital tour guides that guide the viewer through the experience. Learn more about our AUT 360° Interactive tour HERE.

A great company app can help demonstrate your brand’s committment to your audience. At Conical, we have been providing gamification for corporates, bringing in elements of game design (e.g. point scoring, competition, rules of play) . We work closely with agencies and brands, creating apps and games as part of their marketing techniques to encourage engagement with their products or service.

Empower your target audience to directly participate with your brand by using a cross-platform approach. The custom built app becomes the central hub to access all of your content, whether it’s video, general information and interactive games.


Interactive Marketing

Simple games and entertainment related apps provide a higher level of immersion to extend the narrative of your product or service. Mobile games can be very simple and have the potential to bring repeat audiences back to your app. Learn more about the L&P mobile game we produced HERE.


Mobile Games

Custom Branded App

Reach a wider audience to create brand awareness, consideration, conversion and loyalty. The B2C relationship is strengthened and also creates avenues to encourage customer feedback as well as participation. A great company app can be updated on a regular basis to alert your audience with new features and notifications on your service offerings.

The team at Conical offers 3D Animation services with expertise in Motion Capture and character animation. Conical works as a studio with a pipeline that includes production design, storyboards, animatics, illustrations, 3D characters, digital environments and more. These computer generated assets are crucial for the development of VR, AR, Apps and Games.


All of our character animation for VR and AR is done through Motion Capture. We track the performer’s data at the studio, and re-target the animation into the digital characters. Learn more about our Motion Capture process HERE.


Performance Capture

Characters & Environments

At Conical we love to create virtual worlds and digital characters. CGI offers the advantage of being repurposable and optimized for multiple platforms including mobile games, VR, and AR. Our techniques are based in both the game development industry as well as 3D Animation for film & television.


It’s important to understand the difference between a stylized approach and a photo-realistic rendered environment for VR and AR. Our team creates custom shaders that allow users to see high resolution renders from their mobile phones, while maintaining a low polygon geometry on the characters and environments.


Photo-realistic Renders

Augmented Reality Apps

Virtual Reality Experiences

Apps & Games

3D Animation & Motion Capture



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